Cordova App Initialization Times on iOS, Android, and FirefoxOS

My app Quiz&Learn Python includes an analytics component which logs certain app events completely anonymously to my backend. One piece of the logged data is the app launch time. After several months of collecting the data, I finally added functionality for me to see these launch times in my "app analytics dashboard". Here, I’ll share that data with you.

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To Localise An App Or To Improve It With More Content?

I’m at a crossroads with my app Quiz&Learn Python. The sales and downloads have been less than stellar, and it’s time to make some decisions. Options are to localize the app or to create more educational content. My choice at this point is to create more content. Read the full post to know why.

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1,000th Download on Android - Download numbers for Quiz&Learn Python

Yesterday, Quiz&Learn Python got the 1,000th download on Android! That prompted me to check the totals for other platforms as well, and I want to share the numbers with you all :) And it's not to brag about my huge success.

So, the totals are:

  • Android: 1,014 (since September 23, 2014)
  • Firefox: OS 96 (since September 16, 2014)
  • iOS: 880 (since July 22, 2014)

The big difference here is that the iOS app has been $.99 for most of the time, while the other versions are free to download. Due to 'marketing efforts', only 130 of the 880 iOS downloads have been paid, though. So, that's a whopping $100 I've made. The developer license essentially pays for itself :D All the joking aside, that's still significantly more than the dollar I've made from AdMob adds in the Android version..

While the money isn't great, I do want to thank all of you for downloading my apps!

Quiz&Learn Python App Video

With the highly anticipated (lol!) release of Quiz & Learn Python closing in, I published my first-ever app video last week. It might not be the most polished and high-production-value video, but I’m quite happy with the result. I’ll be writing a complete how-to on how I created the video as it wasn’t the simplest of things to do without spending any money on software. For now, I just hope you enjoy the video!

If you like what you’re seeing, do sign up for my newsletter on the app page to be notified when the app is released.

Should You Minify Resources in Cordova/PhoneGap Apps?

In an earlier post, I researched the load times of Cordova when using jQuery and jQuery Mobile. Now, I want to dig deeper on how you should load your files in a Cordova application. This time I’m focusing on whether you should minify your JavaScript and CSS resources. I mean the local files which are not loaded over a network. I think the general belief is that there is no need to minify the files as they are loaded fast from the local filesystem. However, a smaller file will still probably be loaded and parsed faster, but the question is: how much faster?

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The Fisher - One Year in the App Store

About a year ago, it was a rainy day and I was waiting for the train back to Frankfurt from Darmstadt. The Fisher was just accepted by Apple, and I wrote the post about it launching in the App Store. Since I’ve promised to share my experiences and numbers in this blog, I figure it’s about time to share an update on how the app has been doing.

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