I Acquired an Application: Quiz&Learn Python

Just last week, I finally got my first app acquisition completed. The application I acquired is Quiz & Learn Python, which is a quiz app for learning Python on smartphones.

I originally developed the application for By The Mark, a company I co-founded. Unfortunately, the app has been neglected since late 2012 with no development (nor marketing) done. It has not even been updated for the 4” iPhone, let alone iOS7. While I’m no longer part of the company, I wanted to get the app and give it some badly-needed development love.

I’m not in a position to share any sales numbers for the app (if you have an App Annie account, you can get some idea here) nor do I want to disclose the price. I do think I got it for a really good price. And although there is a lot of updating to do, I hope I can quickly get an update to the App Store. The first thing I did after I got control of the app was to take the it down from the App Store.

I’ve already done a UI facelift (see below) and fixed some bugs. Now I’m at the difficult position of trying to decide whether to submit the UI update or also implement at least some of the numerous ideas I have for the future of the app. Right now I’m leaning towards a quick update, but we’ll see..

Old (left) and the new (right) UI of the application on an iPhone 5S.

Old (left) and the new (right) UI of the application on an iPhone 5S.

If you’re interested in finding out more, check the app promotion page. Also, if you’d like to beta test the app, let me know.