MVPs and after-hours app development (or, missing deadlines)

January 4th was the deadline I had set for submitting my app, The Fisher. As it happens, that deadline came and went, and, while getting closer, I'm not ready to submit the app yet. I originally set the deadline for myself and made it public in November. At that time, after a really busy November at my full-time job, I thought I'd have a lot of time to work on the app in December. And, as I do most of the development after normal working-hours at my day job, the looming two-week vacation around Christmas sounded like the perfect time to finish the missing features and polish everything for submission.

As you can imagine, that's not at all how things went. I realized I had postponed a lot of less important tasks at work, so December ended up almost as busy as November. During Christmas break, I had to take some time off from work and development. I felt it was more important to charge my batteries than to work on the app. Even though I missed my deadline, I haven't regretted that decision. I've had a lot more energy to work on things after the vacation.

That is my longish way to say balancing work, life, and after-hours app development is hard. And, as long as the money comes mainly from the day job, that and life come before app development. Still, I want the application to the store to get feedback from real users as fast as possible. To achieve that, I have decided to postpone some features of The Fisher for future updates. I still think it will make for a viable MVP that is useful. And it will give me reasons to update the application regularly with new features.

Now I again have more time and, with the reduced set of features, the app only needs final polishing touches on design and animations, and some fun and informational in-app messages. So I should be able to submit it soon. I even have a new deadline for submitting the application, but this time I'll keep it to myself. It would be too embarrassing to miss my deadline twice in a row :)

Want to get early access to the app and be a beta tester? Contact me, please!