The Fisher - One Year in the App Store

About a year ago, it was a rainy day and I was waiting for the train back to Frankfurt from Darmstadt. The Fisher was just accepted by Apple, and I wrote the post about it launching in the App Store. Since I’ve promised to share my experiences and numbers in this blog, I figure it’s about time to share an update on how the app has been doing.

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5 App Reviews

“Rate the App” dialogs have gained a lot of attention in the developer community lately. I don’t want to do what John Gruber did not suggest: rate an app showing a review prompt with 1-star. I find Rene Ritchie’s idea of rating 5 favourite apps right now much more constructive. So, I rated my favourites: 1Password, Mr. Reader, Runmeter, OmniFocus, and ReittiGPS.

I rated Runmeter “only" 4-stars because of the most annoying rating dialogs it shows.

App Transfers in Apple App Store

Last night I (like all iOS developers) got the email below from Apple. The gist of the mail is that developers can now transfer approved apps to other accounts. Previously this has been impossible to do. This has many benefits and use cases for developers:

  • If you sell an app, you can transfer it to the buyer instead of having to handle updates for them. Likewise, if you buy an app, you get full control to it in iTunesConnect under your own account.
  • If you outsource app development, the final deliverable can be an App Store accepted app transfered to your account without having to give your credentials to the developer or managing the App Store submission yourself.  Similarly if you develop apps for others.
  • If you develop apps on your personal account (like I currently do), you can start a company once things grow, without having to distribute the apps forever under your personal account. 

App transfers are also likely to boost the business of app marketplaces such as Apptopia .