The Fisher - One Year in the App Store

About a year ago, it was a rainy day and I was waiting for the train back to Frankfurt from Darmstadt. The Fisher was just accepted by Apple, and I wrote the post about it launching in the App Store. Since I’ve promised to share my experiences and numbers in this blog, I figure it’s about time to share an update on how the app has been doing.

As of today, one year and four days since launch, the application has been downloaded a total of 26 times. Most of the downloads were made when the app was available for free for a day. So, even for a hobby, the app cannot be considered a financial success. Though I built the app mainly for my own use, I was hoping for a bit more downloads.

Have I learned anything from this? For sure.

  • Apps don’t market themselves. At least apps with a price tag competing with many free alternatives.
  • Choose the right business model. As most of the competing apps are free, I plan to change the business model of the app to free to download with some new features as in-app purchases.
  • You need frequent updates. The app has not been updated in a while (I have a big update in the works). Would I buy an app that hasn’t been updated since last fall? Hardly. So I cannot expect others to do so either.

Is that something new or surprising? I don’t think so. But publishing my humble numbers has once again made me realise that selling apps takes a lot more than simply developing the app.