To Localise An App Or To Improve It With More Content?

I’m at a crossroads with my app Quiz&Learn Python. The sales and downloads have been less than stellar, and it’s time to make some decisions. I know I want to continue developing the app, so dropping it is not an option. My two options at the moment are:

  • Localise the app in order to reach new markets and get more downloads and sales
  • Improve the app by creating more educational content

If you aren’t familiar with the app (which is highly likely), it is a quiz app where the questions are about the behaviour of Python programs. To help understand the programs, there’s a way to visualise the program execution step by step to see how functions are called and variable values changed. This does help understand the program, up to a point. It doesn’t help you if you have no clue why the program is doing what it’s doing. Thus, the feature most requested by users is to have some sort of explanations for the programs. This means more content. But also a better educational product.

Localising the current app version would also mean a better product for those who haven’t downloaded it because of lack of translation. Or, for those struggling with English and the current app. Currently, the application has around 20 words (plus a few longer explanations) in the UI, so translating it would not be expensive. However, translating it now would make users expect it to be translated in the future versions as well. And, add the expectation of customer support with other languages.

If I translate it now, I’ll also have to translate the explanations if I add them later. What this, to me, boils down to is: Do I want to serve a smaller audience (English speakers) better, or to try to maximise the audience by localising the app? When put this way, the answer is quite obvious. My resources are limited, thus I prefer serving a smaller audience the best I can.

I’m going to improve my app instead of translating it. For now. Do you think this is a wise choice?