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Quiz & Learn Python is an iOS, Android, and Firefox OS app for testing and improving your knowledge of Python concepts! Questions range from basics of programming to highly Python specific, possibly unexpected ways to write your code. Whether you are a Python novice or an experienced Python coder, there will be challenging questions for you.

Wide Range of Questions

Some of the questions are about the very basics of Python. They get harder as you progress. In the end, they can be about the quirks of the language.


Speed is of the Essence

The faster you answer the more points you gain. So think fast!

Lifelines to Help You

Like in any good quiz game, you have lifelines to help you on your way to Python proficiency. Use them wisely, as you can only use them once per game.



Debug the Code

The debug lifeline (which I seriously suggest you use) lets you step through the code line by line, backward and forward, and see all function calls and variable value changes.

Here's what users are saying:

The debug option is great as it explains where I made a mistake. Great for learning gotchas!
— iOS user review
Great game Has some good questions I thought I would get right but didn’t! Keep playing till you get 20!
— Android user review
I use this every day. Brushing my teeth. Waiting room. Transport. It’s making learning Python fun.
— FirefoxOS user review

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